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Many in the legal community have relied on Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates for forensic audio video services throughout the United States and in several other countries all over the world.

Our associates have the expertise and reputable qualifications to produce the highest quality audio and video evidence to assist prosecutors, defense attorneys, investigators, litigators, corporations, business’ and their clients for legal and professional matters.

Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates implement high standards to each and every request for our services. Frequently, our associates handle audio and video enhancements from private/corporate surveillance systems, cell phone recordings, hidden microphone recordings, police dash-camera and body camera recordings, interview recordings and private/corporate hearings.

Our in-depth analysis report is consistently used to aid in presentation of recorded evidence in court. We also offer presentation packages that clarify the analysis and playback of the evidence in a court-room setting.

We are qualified experts in audio and video analysis, authentication, enhancement and restoration.

Often our associates appear in court to provide Expert Testimony.

For more information on Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates services please read below:

Audio and Video Forensic Services:

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In an effort to collect any and all evidence possible for a legal venue we are frequently asked to evaluate audio/video recordings for the possibility of enhancing potential evidence. Read more about Analysis of audio and video recordings.


When an audio recording is difficult to understand due to background noises (traffic, weather, machine noise, etc.) A/VF&RA can enhance the audio file so the desired audio can be more easily understood. Read more about Audio Enhancement.

audio from video enhancment

In this digital age, technology has allowed us to capture video in many forms at a moments notice. Most often these videos have poor quality audio due to movement, the location of the recording, etc. A/VF&RA can enhance audio from video using professional tools and programs. Read more about Audio from Video Enhancement

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When a video is of poor quality, evidence can be missed or lost due to the blurriness, rapid movement, poor lighting, etc. A/VF&RA can enhance video files, as well as use other methods such as Still frames, Slow Motion Video, and Zoom to aid in collecting any and all available evidence. Read more about Video Enhancement.

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Audio from an analog source (Tape based recording platforms) often has residual noise from the recording device. A/VF&RA can convert these analog recordings to a digital form and also reduce noise, while increasing desired audio. Read more about Audio Restoration.

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Using our professional tools, we can transcribe difficult recordings as close to verbatim as possible. Read more about Audio Transcription.

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Sometimes the validity of a voice on a recording is questioned. Voice Analysis can aid in confirming or denying an identification of an unknown voice on a recording. Read more about Voice Analysis.

From deposition testimony to trial testimony, A/VF&R Associates have many years experience testifying as experts in our field of Forensic Audio for the legal system. Read more about Expert Witness Testimony.

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Brief Descriptions of our Audio and

Video Forensic Services:

Audio and Video Analysis

Often times, recordings are of fair to poor quality, made with non-professional equipment, recorded in noisy environments, produced by concealed recording devices and telephone equipment in general. Evaluation and Analysis of audio and video recordings can be done to evaluate, authenticate and to determine if any evidence is present on the recording. Read more about Audio and Video Analysis

Audio Enhancement

Using professional tools, our associates can enhance the quality of many recordings and making the recording more audible. Tools for enhancement such as Noise reduction, Compression, Equalization and Hum Removal, can be applied to the file to bring out details, reduce unwanted noise, and level out soft and loud sounds. Read more and hear examples of Audio Enhancement

Audio Restoration

Audio restoration is similar to audio enhancement as they both clean up an audio file. One difference is that restoration is often used when taking analog recordings (reel-to-reel, cassette, micro-cassette) and creating a digital file of them. We can reduce the residual noise of the recording device, and restore the original acoustic recording to a clearer sounding digital file. Read more about Audio Restoration

Audio from Video Enhancement

Surveillance cameras, cell phone cameras, camcorders, police body cameras and police in-car cameras are capturing events all the time. But sometimes the audio from video is of poor quality due to movement, weather, traffic, mechanical noise, etc. Dependent on the nature and quality of the recording, it may be necessary to use only the auditory file from a video for evidence, other times it is essential to combine enhanced file with video. Read more and hear examples of Audio from Video Enhancement

Video Enhancement

Video security cameras, video surveillance cameras, police body cameras and police in-car cameras are capturing events all the time. These videos are often used to assist in investigations that may be used in a court of law or other official proceedings. These videos are like audio recordings in many ways; the quality of the video is often in poor or fair condition. We offer quality enhancement, still frame enhancement, slow motion video and enlargement of specified areas of a video or of a still frame. Read more and see some examples of Video Enhancement

Voice Analysis

Voice analysis, or voice print comparisons, are requested to help identify an unknown voice on a recording by testing a known voice to the unknown voice. Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates will enhance and transcribe the unknown voice recording. Then, in conjunction with Audiomatrix studios, A/VF&RA will record an exemplar sample at our facility, either in person or over-the phone. Samples are compared in a computer-based spectrum analysis. This process produces what is generally called an “FFT” or Fast Fourier Transform. Read more about Voice Analysis

Expert Witness Testimony and Deposition

When working with Forensic Audio and Video for the use in a court of law, we can provide expert witness deposition, testimony, and a summary report of our work, along with all materials handled by our Associates. We have many years of experience working with a multitude of Lawyers, Judges, and Courts from all over the United States. A summary list of past cases can be found in our Curriculum Vitae. Read more about Expert Witness Testimony and Deposition

Audio Transcription Services

Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates provides transcripts of audio and audio from video recordings of all sorts. Often times the recordings are of fair to poor quality due to the recording circumstances. Our expert use of forensic audio enhancement and audio restoration is the usual first step in our transcription process. We make hard or really difficult to understand recorded conversation as clear as possible. Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates has a lengthy history of transcript preparation, many of which have been used in court proceedings nationwide. Read more about Audio Transcription Services

Estimates and Policies

Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates realize that all cases are unique. We understand the serious nature of your business and thoroughly maintain the chain of evidence procedures. We guarantee the confidentiality of all work brought to our facility. This page also has a list of our base pricing. This guide explains what it usually takes, in time and money, for a project based on what type of work is needed. Read more about Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates policies…