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Many in the legal community have relied on Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates for forensic audio and video services throughout the United States and in several other countries all over the world.

Our associates have the expertise and reputable qualifications to produce the highest quality audio and video evidence. Our product is used to assist prosecutors, defense attorneys, investigators, litigators, corporations, business’ and their clients for legal and professional matters.

Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates implement high standards to each and every request for our services. Frequently, our associates handle audio and video enhancements from private/corporate surveillance systems, cell phone recordings, hidden microphone recordings, police dash-camera and body camera recordings, interview recordings and private/corporate hearings.

Our in-depth analysis report is consistently used to aid in presentation of recorded evidence in court. We also offer presentation packages that clarify the analysis and playback of the evidence in a court-room setting.

We are qualified experts in audio and video analysis, authentication, enhancement and restoration.

Often our associates appear for deposition in person or via video conference calls. We also present in court to provide Expert Testimony.

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