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About our Audio Forensic Services

Team Audio provides forensic services for law enforcement agencies, the criminal justice system, and private citizens. We specialize in recovering, enhancing, preparing, presenting and extracting information from audio-visual material and digital media.
We are also specialists in forensic acoustics, audio restoration services, recover audio cd, recover cassette, recover microcassette, recover video tape, forensic image analysis, voice identification, forensic experts, noise reduction, surveillance video, image restoration, digital document scanning, voice recognition, media analysis, data recovery and computer forensics.
We provide a full array of comprehensive services. Our experience in both public and private sectors allows our unique ability to fit your needs.

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Our Audio Video Restoration Services

Audio, Video, Image Restoration

Restoration, Enhancement, Recovery of
Audio CD / Cassette - Micro or Standard
Video Tape - Any Format
Video DVD & Digital Video Formats
Image Restoration & Forensic Analysis
Multimedia Authentication & Analysis
Audio Tape Restoration & Enhancement
Audio CD Restoration & Enhancement
Video Tape Restoration & Enhancement

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