Enhancement of Audio files from Video Recordings

Videos are being captured all the time through various devices:

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Cell Phone Cameras
  • Police Body Cameras
  • Police In-Car Dash-Cameras
  • Camcorders

These Videos may be used for many purposes:

  • Assist in Court Cases
  • Assist in Investigations
  • For certain Official Proceedings
  • Documentation of Events
  • Personal purposes

Audio can be of poor quality due to:

  • Movement during recording
  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic
  • Mechanical Noise
  • Nature of situation (During a time of distress)
Video Enhancement; Audio Enhancement;
Audio and video enhancement choices
we separate auido from video and use our professional tools to enhance the audio
Warning strong language and graphic content



1. Undercover ‘Hit-man’ and ‘Suspect,’ with¬†original audio, video clip.

2. Undercover ‘Hit-man’ and ‘Suspect,’ with enhanced audio, video clip.

3. Cell phone video with original audio.

4. Cell phone video with enhanced audio.