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Most of the audio files we transcribe are poor to fair quality because of some of the following issues:

    • Made with non-professional equipment.
      • Recorded with telephone/cell phone equipment.
      • Recorded with hand-held recording device.
    • Recorded in noisy environments.
      • Situations of Duress
        • 911 Calls
      • Outdoors
      • Traffic
      • Crowds
      • Restaurants
    • Produced by concealed recording devices
      • Movement of the wearer creates noise that overpowers any conversation.
      • Hidden recording device is too far from the conversation.
  • In contrast, a transcript prepared by a court reporter or stenographer are controlled in quality:
    • People in court are expected to follow court rules.
      • The court room is quiet during a case.
      • If a word or phrase is not understood by the court reporter, they may ask for a clarification before proceeding.
    • Business Meetings.
    • Civil Hearings.
      • Members are recognized to speak.
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Audio Transcription Services

Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates provide transcription of audio recordings from numerous sources.

Using forensic Audio Enhancement and Audio Restoration we clarify difficult to understand recordings before we begin the transcription process. This allows us to provide the most accurate transcript for the audio recording.

Over the years, we have provided thousands of transcripts from audio and video files.

Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates have been named expert witnesses in many court proceedings nationwide, many of these cases include our transcription of audio as evidence.

We have a strict quality control policy, and we adhere to the following principle:

“This transcript has been prepared to the best of our ability using all of our technical resources and expert listening skills. It is our opinion that this transcript is accurate and complete to the best of our ability.”

We prepare transcriptions of audio recordings verbatim, starting with a draft copy that will be finalized after another associate verifies the draft content is accurate.