Analysis of Audio & Video

audio and video analysis

Why we Evaluate and Analyze audio and video recordings:



  • Can it be enhanced?
    • What is the quality?
    • Is there hidden audio under the noise?



  • Is there any evidence on the recording?
  • How authentic is the recording?
  • Has it been altered or tampered with?
iZotope Insight DSP in Adobe Audition

Some reasons audio and video recordings may need enhancement:

  • Made with non-professional equipment
  • Recorded in a noisy environment
  • Produced by a concealed recording device
  • Recorded from/with telephone equipment
  • Recorded in a chaotic situation
    • 911 calls
    • Large group of people
  • Recorded in a dark environment
  • Recorded a far distance from important details


Our Process of Evaluation and Analysis:

  • We analyze recordings sent to us.
  • We discuss the analysis with each client.
  • After analysis, Audio Enhancement, Audio Restoration or Video Enhancement can begin.
  • We may write a summary report on our findings
    • Our expert opinion, analysis and any enhancement or restoration work is discussed in our report.
    • It is a legal document that could be presented as evidence in court.
Analyze audio and video


Often the recordings are of fair to poor quality, made with non-professional equipment, recorded in noisy environments, produced by concealed recording devices and telephone equipment in general.

Some other factors that can compromise a recording are related to situations such as 911 calls made under duress or too many people speaking together.

Our expert use of forensic audio enhancement and audio restoration make hard or difficult to understand recorded conversation as clear as possible.

We are a third party to any legal proceeding, so our expert opinion and report will be unbiased.