Estimates and Policies for Audio and Video Services

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Estimates and Examination

Estimates & Examination

Detailed estimates are given after a preliminary analysis.

Preliminary analysis requires the materials sent to us for examination.

$200 per hour for enhancement of audio files

Enhancement of Audio Files

It usually takes five to ten times the amount of source audio for enhancement.

$200 per Hour of Enhancement

$250 per hour for video enhancement

Processing of Video Files and Images

It usually takes ten to fifteen times the amount of source video for enhancement.

$250 per Hour of Video/Image Work

$120 per hour for transcription services


Total time of recorded material does NOT represent the total time required to transcribe. It usually takes one hour of transcription for five minutes of audio recording.

$120 per Hour of Transcription

$250 per hour of preparation for any written reports or power points about the enhancement process for your case.

Evidence and Document Preparation for Court Use

Such as: Written Reports, Power Point or similar presentation of Video/Audio, etc.

$250 per Hour of Preparation

$250 per hour of consultation
$300 per hour of expert testimony, day rates available

Expert and Consulting Services

$250 per Hour of Consultation.

Expert Witness Designation is Negotiable.

$300 per Hour of Expert Testimony on site, Plus Travel Expenses.

$3,000 per Day, Expert Testimony, (Day Rate) Plus Travel Expenses. We request you provide advance airline and hotel expenses.

File transfer fee $10


Disc Copies (DVD/CD) $30 per Master Disc and $10 per each additional copy.

File Transfer Fee (Digital) $10 fee.

Dependent on the type and amount of materials, an Archival Material Fee may apply.

Shipping and Handling prices

Shipping and Handling Charges

We use FedEx to ship material. Customer pays all shipping fees. The fee varies with the priority and size of container.

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Payment Policies

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