Our Team of Audio/Video Forensic and Restoration Experts

Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates  – Our expert team:


Expert Witness, Forensic Audiologist, Producer, Recording Engineer


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Phil Mariasy expert
Tony Parker PhD expert
Ken Zuercher expert
Ryan Dalton expert
Brian Tobianski expert


Our Expert Associates have multiple years of experience working with audio and video files.

Audio Restoration and Enhancement requires our Associates to understand the nature and the physics of sound.

Enhancing and restoring audio files is a long process of repeated listening while employing Digital Signal Processors to reduce noise and accentuate elements of the recording.

Video Enhancement requires our Associates to understand the limitations of each video file, as the recordings often are low quality, and how to enhance important elements of each video.

Our experts have mastered the skills needed to enhance and restore these files.

Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates also work with Audiomatrix Recording Studio for recording projects, restoration of analog recordings and creation of new music and video work.

The cross knowledge of creating audio and video files enhances the knowledge of our Associates, allowing them to break down the many complicated elements of recordings for the best possible enhancement of any type of audio/video file.

Over the years our expert team of associates have worked with a multitude of attorney’s, local, state and federal courts, and private citizens to provide expert analysis, restoration and enhancement services of audio and video files. Many of our cases go to court and we provide expert witness deposition and testimony on our restoration and enhancement process and results. Our Associates are aware of chain of custody procedures.

Reports written by our expert Associates may be used in court as a legal documentation of our process and results of restoring and enhancing audio and video files.

Transcription services can also be provided by our expert Associates. The enhanced file is reviewed in a Digital Audio Workstation where any exact point in time can be displayed. This allows our experts to transcribe any audio file through repeated listening after restoration or enhancement to ensure the accuracy of our transcription.

Our Associates also work with Audiomatrix Recording Studio for voice analysis (Voice Comparison) tests. Audiomatrix Recording Studio has the facilities to record an exemplar recording to compare to an unknown recording.

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