Mother Teresa

Conversion of rare recordings of Mother Teresa.

AVFRA converted audio from micro-cassette of Mother Teresa

We were commissioned by Father Angelo Scolozzi to convert hundreds of hours of audio from his micro-cassette recordings of Mother Teresa to a digital data base on compact disc (Data CD’s.)

Father Angelo Scolozzi has authored an audio book called Thirsting for God (The Spiritual Lessons of Mother Teresa) with some excerpts from his recordings with her.

We donated our hours to convert and enhance these rare recordings. All materials were returned to Father Angelo and no archive was retained.

This wonderful project took us hundreds of hours to complete.

The recordings were sent to us on micro-cassette tape. Cassette tapes have mechanical noise from the movement of the mechanical parts of the recording device while it records the audio.

Most mechanical noise from cassette or micro-cassette tapes can be reduced by eliminating the 50hz or 60hz hum emitted by the recording device.

Background noise, also known as white noise, is often picked up by the recording device from many different sources. Often environmental noises such as wind, traffic, and forced air heating and cooling.

Removing background noise is a delicate process. If too much noise is reduced, the desired conversation may be lost. If too little noise is reduced, the desired conversation may still be buried in the noise.