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Home: A brief introduction to Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates. Check out our interesting introduction video explaining what we do.

Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates: Meet our Associates, see who they are and what they do. Also a quick reference to their qualifications.

History: An overview from the beginning of the company over 25 years ago through today. An explanation of our continual commitment to bring you the best possible service in audio and video enhancement and restoration.

Ohio Common Pleas Judges Association Winter Conference: Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates were pleased to present an informational presentation for the Ohio Common Pleas Judges Association. The presentation information shown here explains the Audio Forensics and Voice Spectrograph Analysis.

Mother Teresa: Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates worked with Father Angelo Scolozzi to convert a multitude of micro-cassette tape recordings of Mother Teresa.

USA vs. Wheeler: This trial had approximately 300 hours of audio recordings and thousands of pages of documentation that Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates cataloged for the case.

The Nixon Tapes: A large number of the Nixon Watergate Tapes were brought to us for enhancement and transcription.

JonBenét Ramsey: Audio/Video Forensic & Restoration Associates were requested to enhance and analyze parts of the infamous 911 call in the JonBenét Ramsey Case.

Friends of Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates: A list of links to some of our business associates, close cliental, and professional consultants.

Audiomatrix Recording Studios: A brief history of one part of the Audio-Video Forensic & Restoration Associates Family. Not only can we provide forensic audio/video to our clients, but we also have a professional recording studio that has been host to many commercial audio projects and various voice talent and musical artists. A recording studio brings a unique side to our business as it has also been host to aiding in voice recognition analysis, among other forensic/restoration projects.

Evaluation and Analysis of audio and video recordings: Often audio/video recordings are of poor quality. In an effort to collect any and all evidence possible for a legal venue we are frequently asked to evaluate audio/video recordings for the possibility of enhancing potential evidence. Others may also have an audio/video recording pertinent to a private matter requesting analysis. This page summarizes the possibilities and the process to which we analyze audio/video recordings.

Audio Enhancement: When an audio recording is difficult to understand due to background noises (traffic, weather, machine noise, etc.) A/VF&RA can enhance the audio file so the desired audio can be more easily understood.  We explain the process of reducing noise, and increasing desired audio using professional tools within a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).  Page includes examples of audio files before and after processing.

Audio Restoration: Audio from an analog source (Tape based recording platforms- ie: reel to reel, cassette, etc.) often has residual noise from the recording device. A/VF&RA  can convert these analog recordings to a digital form and also reduce noise,  while increasing desired audio using professional tools within a DAW. Page includes examples of audio files before and after processing.

Audio from Video Enhancement: In this digital age, technology has allowed us to capture video in many forms at a moments notice. Most often these videos have poor quality audio due to movement, the location of the recording, etc. A/VF&RA can enhance audio from video using professional tools and programs. Page includes examples of audio/video files before and after processing.

Video Enhancement: While anyone can record anything with cameras accessible to everyone, not always are they the best quality. When a video is of poor quality, evidence can be missed or lost due to the blurriness, rapid movement, poor lighting, etc. A/VF&RA can enhance video files, as well as use other methods such as Still frames, Slow Motion Video, and Zoom to aid in collecting any and all available evidence. Page includes examples of the different methods of video enhancement.

Voice Analysis: Sometimes the validity of a voice on a recording is questioned. Voice Analysis can aid in confirming or denying an identification of an unknown voice on a recording. We consider the entire process to be an important tool or aid in the legal process. It is important to note that our findings are based on professional opinion and interpretation of the graphic and aural results.

Expert Witness Testimony: As a natural part of the judicial system, often we must defend and explain our work after aiding in the clarity of evidence.  From deposition testimony to trial testimony, A/VF&R Associates have many years experience testifying as experts in our field of Forensic Audio for the legal system. Page includes links to our current Curriculum Vitae.

Transcription Services: Even with enhancement some audio/video recordings are still difficult to understand due to the nature of the speaker or speakers on the recording (i.e.: fast talker, more than one person talking at once, etc.) Using our professional tools, we can transcribe difficult recordings as close to verbatim as possible. (Some areas of audio may have unintelligible utterances that result in an inaudible notation). We have many years of experience transcribing difficult audio, please refer to our CV’s for a list of major cases involving transcription.

Services and Quotations: Every case is unique! This page is the list of our base pricing. This guide explains what it usually takes, in time and money, for a project based on what type of work is needed.

Contact Us: Our address, phone and email contact information. Please use the form to contact us via email.

Privacy Policy: Read the privacy policy for the site and how it affects you.

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